SciX is taking place IN PERSON in Providence, RI. There is no option to participate remotely. In early October, you will be able to purchase access to the SciX on-demand library at a discounted rate. Attendees in Providence have access to the on-demand library included in their registration rate.

Safe Return to SciX

Updated 8/25/21

SciX is committed to keeping SciX2021 attendees as safe as possible from COVID-19. Our “Safe Return to SciX” plan follows guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the State of Rhode Island and the City of Providence, and the Rhode Island Convention Center. Attendees are responsible for understanding this plan AND noting any announced updates that may occur between now and SciX2021. We are unable to remove all risks associated with attending, including but not limited to risks associated with COVID-19. Attendees are responsible for their own safety at SciX.

Requirements for Attending SciX

FACSS has implemented the following policies for attendees of SciX2021:

  1. At the registration desk prior to receiving your badge you must meet at least one of the following requirements:
    • Be vaccinated* against COVID-19 (Vaccination provides the greatest level of protection; FACSS strongly encourages all attendees to meet this requirement and to be fully vaccinated prior to attending SciX2021)
    • Have a negative COVID-19 test result (test taken within 72 hours of check-in at registration)
    • Have recovered from the virus within the 90 days prior to check-in at registration
  2. All attendees must wear a mask** at all times in all SciX and SciX-sponsored events where a SciX badge is required.

Refusal to comply with any FACSS SciX policies, including but not limited to the above-stated COVID-19 safety policies, is grounds for denial of entry to SciX and/or removal from the SciX meeting (FACSS SciX Code of Conduct).

*While full vaccination is optimal and recommended by the CDC prior to traveling, having received at least one dose of a two-dose vaccine prior to arrival at SciX is considered acceptable.

**An acceptable “mask” is made of at least 2 layers of breathable fabric or hospital grade material; fully covers the nose, nostrils, and mouth; fits firmly under the chin; and fits snugly, but comfortably against the side of the face.


We encourage you to stay safe and protect others. Your actions make a difference! Even if you meet the conditions above, individuals in the following circumstances should not attend SciX:

  1. Close contact with a known positive COVID-19 case in close proximity to attending SciX
  2. Exhibiting signs or symptoms of ANY illness, to avoid putting other SciX attendees at risk
  3. Underlying health factors that post an increased risk for contracting COVID and/or experiencing more severe illness
  4. Unable to wear a mask as described above


The CDC recommends delaying travel until you are fully vaccinated. Information for travelers is evolving, to ensure you have the latest information on traveling within the US or from outside the US, please refer to


Conference areas will be arranged to encourage social distancing where possible. Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the conference and attendees are reminded to wash hands regularly and thoroughly. Limiting physical contact with other attendees is requested (e.g. handshakes). As noted, masks are required at any SciX or SciX-sponsored event requiring a conference badge.

  • SciX reserves the right to deny an individual entry or remove an individual from the conference should they present with COVID-19 symptoms, as attempting to attend the meeting with symptoms is a violation of the above terms and the Code of Conduct
  • SciX will provide resources for individuals seeking medical attention or for those seeking a COVID-19 test (see below)
  • If, during the course of the meeting an individual discovers they have been exposed to COVID-19*, they must immediately remove themselves from the SciX conference and follow CDC recommendations for self-quarantining and testing
    • This includes: an exposure at home or during travel that is only discovered after arriving in Providence; exposure at SciX; exposure outside of SciX (offsite venues, restaurants, etc., whether or not your presence at the location had any association with SciX)
  • SciX may be required by local or state health authorities to provide attendee contact information to perform contact tracing or wellness checks if any attendees are connected to a known exposure in Providence


While this information could change and all presenters will be expected to follow whatever policy is in place at the time of the meeting, we currently plan to allow session speakers and workshop instructors to present without a mask as the lectern can be appropriately spaced from other attendees. This does not apply to poster presenters where such physical distance is not possible. 


The Rhode Island Convention Center and Dunkin Donuts Event Center offers a walk-up testing site to the public for PCR and Rapid tests.

Location: Rhode Island Convention Center Ticket Booth, 1 Sabin Street, Providence, Rhode Island
Hours of Operation: Monday- Friday 9AM-5pm; Saturday-Sunday 9AM-3PM

For those who require a nasopharyngeal swab as opposed to an anterior nasal swab (e.g. for international travelers before returning home):

Option #1 - You can self-schedule the NP-PCR test on the Portal at East Bay Health Care at Riverside, 100 Bullocks Point Ave, East Providence. Go to and request a “PCR” test at East Bay Health Care at Riverside. Once on-site at the time of your appointment, you can request a nasopharyngeal swab test.

Option #2 - The RIDOH can help you schedule a NP-PCR test at one of the testing sites run by Alert Ambulance. Call 401-222-8022 or email:

a. Provide your full name, date of birth, phone number, and reason for wanting at NP-PCR.

b. Select one of the following sites you would prefer to be tested: Convention Center; Wickford Station; Pine St. Tent, Pawtucket; Stop & Shop, Cumberland (Mendon Rd)

Option #3 - Order a test

Option #4 - Contact Hope Clinic on Valley St in Providence which can provide a certificate for flying but results may not be available for 3 days:

For more information about testing in Providence, click here.

The Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS) and the SciX Conference organizers are dedicated to providing a professional, pleasant and harassment-free conference experience for everyone. View the full Code of Conduct. 

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