Laser Induced Plasma Emission: from Atomic to Molecular Spectra

Price: Conferee: $225; Student: $25; Non-Conferee: $325
Date: Sunday 10/21/2018 - 9am to 12pm

Alessandro de Giacomo,University of Bari

Jörg Hermann, CNRS Marseille

The aim of this lecture is the description of the optical emission spectral features of the plasma produced by laser matter interaction in LIBS experiments. The laser induced plasma emission spectra are discussed in connection with the basic mechanisms that take place in the plasma phase during the plasma evolution. Being the laser induced plasma a dynamics system, the hierarchy of the elementary mechanisms changes continuously because the electron number density and the electron temperature decrease during the expansion. As a consequence of this, along the plasma's persistence time, the prevailing emitting species changes from ions to atoms and from atoms to molecules. Both atomic and molecular emission spectroscopy are discussed to convey a complete description of the laser induced plasma.