Advance Applications of LAICPOES, LAICPMS and LIBS

Price: Conferee: $225; Student: $25; Non-Conferee: $325
Date: Sunday 10/21/2018 - 1pm - 4pm

Jhanis Gonzales - Applied Spectra, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

In recent years, both laser ablation sampling technologies (LA-ICP-MS/OES & LIBS) has established themselves as one of the most influential analytical techniques available in the marketplace. The reason for this success comes from their well-known advantages that include direct analysis of any sample, little to no sample preparation, rapid analysis time, and capability for obtaining spatial information (lateral and depth). The combination of these two techniques for simultaneous collection of Optical Emission data (LIBS and LA-ICP-OES) and Isotopic information (LA-ICP-MS) was reintroduced and gained popularity in the last few years with tremendous success. The success is attributed to complementary information provided by both techniques for elements that are separately unattainable due to low sensitivity, undetectability, and/or strong interferences. In this presentation, we examine insight on this combined approach and its impact on the analytical market for solid sample analysis.