On Demand Content

SciX 2020 will have on-demand content available just before the start of the live SciX program, throughout, and after (for a limited period).  This includes pre-recorded oral sessions and an ePoster gallery. All on-demand content allows you to leave questions and comments for presenters who can respond directly. 


ORAL Sessions On-DEmand

Each featuring three 10-minute oral presentations. Talk titles and speakers will be updated frequently.

Forensics and Security Sessions

AAF-OD1 Nuclear Forensics

Presenters: Luther McDonald, Jenifer Shafer, David Weisz

AAF-OD2 Food Forensics

Presenters:  Euiwon Bae, Jianwei Qin, Luis Rodriguez-Saona

AAF-OD3 Forensic Analysis in the Lab and at the Crime Scene

Presenters: Gregory Dutton, Ruth Smith, Tatiana Trejos

AES Electrophoresis Sessions

AES-OD1 Microfluidics for Electric-field Driven Analysis

Presenters: Rosanne Guijt, Umut Gurkan, Leena Pade

AES-OD2 Electric-field Mediated Techniques for biological applications

Presenters: David Chen, Christopher Easley, Liangliang Sun

AES-OD3 Electrokinetic Fundamentals

Presenters: Sagnik Basuray, Mark Hayes,  Aliaksei Boika

Atomic Spectroscopy Sessions

ATOM-OD1 Atomic Mass Spectrometry

Presenters: John Olesik, Jorge Pisonero, Marcus von der Au

ATOM-OD2 Nanoparticles and Microscopy

Presenters: Gerardo Gamez, Alexander Gundlach-Graham, Joachim Koenen


Presenters: Jozef Kaiser, Kheireddine Rifai, Vincent Motto-Ross

ATOM-OD4 Automation and Machine Learning in LIBS

Presenters: Xiaohui Li, Kristjan Leosson, Prasoon Diwakar

ATOM-OD5 SAS Atomic Section Student Awards

Presenters: Asaf Harel, Anika Retzman, Marcel Macke, Kelsey Williams

ATOM-OD6 Applications of Atomic Spectroscopy

Presenters: Alan Koenig, Jen Lee,  Pablo Sobron

ATOM-OD7 Nuclear and Semi-conductor Applications

Presenters:  Nick Glumac, Bert Woods, Ewa Pruszkowski


ATOM-OD8 LIBS Frontiers and Fundamentals

Presenters: Annarosa Mangone, Jonathan Merten, Mohamad Sabsabi

Biomedical & Bioanalytical Sessions

BIM-OD1 Topics in Bioanalysis

Presenters: Sara Mosca, Darine Abi Haidar, Bayden Wood

BIM-OD2 Engineering Materials for Plasmonics and Plasmon-Driven Processes

Presenters: Jennifer Shumaker-Parry, Michelle Personick,  Matthew Sheldon

BIM-OD3 Chemical Imaging

Presenters: Ning Fang, Renee Frontiera,  Eric Potma

BIM-OD4 Topics in Bioanalysis

Presenters: Emilie Ringe, Michael Schmitt, Sulayman Oladepo

Chemometrics Sessions

CHEM-OD1 Advances in Calibration

Presenters: John Kalivas, Zewei Chen,  Raffaele Vitale

CHEM-OD2 Chemometrics Opportunities in Food Security

Presenters: James Harnly, Mengliang Zhang,  Eirik Magnussen

Molecular Spectroscopy Sessions

MOLEC-OD1 New Components and Systems for Mid-IR Sensing 

Presenters: Markus Brandstetter, Borislav Hinkov,  Nuria Teigell Beneitez

MOLEC-OD2 Nanoscale IR I 

Presenters: Oxana Klementieva, Karsten Hinrichs,  Seth Kenkel

MOLEC-OD3 SERS, TERS, and Surface Plasmon Resonance

Presenters:  Jaebum Choo, George Schatz


Presenters: Andrew Berger, Ben Gardner,  Ioan Notingher

MOLEC-OD5 Higher energy UV and NIR

Presenters: Yusuke Morisawa, Igor Lednev,  Christian Huck

MOLEC-OD6 Nanoscale IR II

Presenters: Guangxin Ni, Georg Ramer,  Thomas Taubner

MOLEC-OD7 Topics in Molecular Mass Spectrometry

Presenters: Christopher Chouinard, Luke Hanley

MOLEC-OD8 Raman Imaging/Microscopy

Presenters: Young Jong Lee, Hilton de Aguiar

MOLEC-OD9 Raman for Security

Presenters: Haochen Dai,  Alexis Weber

MOLEC-OD10 Biomedical Raman

Presenters: Michelle Bailey, Thomas Hubbard, Rekha Gautam

Pharmaceutical Analysis and Process Analytical Sessions

PP-OD1 Solving Industrial Problems

Presenters: James Humphreys, Patrick Wray, Mohammed Ibrahim

PP-OD2 PAT in the Biopharmaceutical Industries and Industrial IR

Presenters: Christopher Mahoney, William Wang

PP-OD3 Pharmaceutical Investigations

Presenters: Lydia Breckenridge, Anna Luczak, John Wasylyk

PP-OD4 Topics in Pharmaceutical Analysis

Presenters: Rina Dukor, Claudia Corredor,  Venkata Bobba

PP-OD5 Topics in Pharmaceutical Analysis

Presenters: TBD

e-poster gallery with mini-orals

More information coming soon! Check out the abstracts page for pre-submission info.

The e-poster gallery features full color, high-definition poster images accompanied by a mini-oral presentation by the author. 



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