SciX provides new and dynamic avenues to connect attendees with your cutting-edge instrumentation, technology, or services. In addition to participating in the SciX exhibit hall, many industry partners are choosing to connect with and be visible to SciX attendees in other ways. SciX sponsorship is an opportunity to strengthen your brand, support students and early-career professionals, effectively communicate your latest technology, and strengthen your business relationships. 

  As of August 30, 2023, the sponsorship portal is closed

If you are interested in sponsoring or have any questions, please contact scix@scixconference.org.

Sponsorship Recognition

New for 2023, companies who select promotional opportunities and also contribute to supporting the program will have their total support recognized at SciX. For example:

  • A company sponsoring three sessions at $1,000 each with a total contribution of $3,000 will be recognized as a Gold sponsor
  • A company sponsoring a session for $1,000 and water bottles for $1,000 has a total contribution of $2,000 and will be recognized as Silver




Up to $1,000 

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Listing on sponsors page of SciX website Logo with URL link  Logo with URL link  Name only  Name only 
Special signage onsite recognizing top supporters Logo  Logo  -
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Mobile app recognition Logo Logo  Logo  Logo 
Walk-in slides in SciX sessions Logo on welcome slide in all sessions in all sections, regardless of section sponsored Name on welcome slide in all sessions in the section sponsored Name on welcome slide in all sessions in the section sponsored Name on welcome slide in all sessions in the section sponsored

Program Support

Program Sponsorship strengthens the scientific content of the conference by financially supporting invited speakers and offsetting costs associated with producing the excellent scientific sessions at SciX. Funds are allocated to specific program sections that are most relevant to the sponsor.

Promotional Opportunities

These classic branding opportunities are a great way to have visibility throughout the SciX conference!

  • Mobile Device Charging Kiosk: $5,000 each (Two Opportunities): We’ll place a charging station on the show floor next to your exhibit booth, branded with your company logo. Take the opportunity to chat up attendees while they recharge.
  • Floor Clings Trail: $5,000 (Three Opportunities): Company-branded decals affixed to the show floor will lead attendees from the main entrance directly to your booth! This is an eye-catching way to direct attendee traffic to your booth. 
  • Digital Marketing Bundle: $2,500 (Three Opportunities): Got a hot application note or new product launch? Share it with the SciX communities using our promotional channels, reaching 5000+ people globally. Customize your link for extra engagement information and lead tracking! (image/link/250 words; one email and all social media channels)
  • Volunteer T-shirts: $2,500 (Three Opportunities): 40 eager, highly-visible student volunteers will wear your logo on their sleeve throughout the conference. We do all the work, you just provide your logo!
  • Literature Insert in Conference Bags: $500 (Unlimited Opportunities): You create a promotional flyer to be placed in each attendee’s registration bag. You are responsible for all production and shipping costs upon FACSS approval of promotional piece. 8.5 x 11 maximum (folded items are permitted but must be wafer-sealed)

The following items are limited to one company each. Physical materials are designed and supplied by the sponsor.

  • Conference Bags -  $1,000 - SOLD
  • Conference Lanyards -  $1,000 - SOLD  
  • Water Bottles -  $1,000   
  • Custom branded product placed in bags - $1,000
  • Branded Exhibitor Happy Hour drink tickets - pricing to be announced

Contact Us

If you have an opportunity in mind and don’t see it here, we are available to create a custom experience to support your overall goals.

Contact scix@scixconference.org to discuss additional options.

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