AES Lifetime Achievement Award

The AES Lifetime Achievement Award is given for exceptional career contributions to the fields of Electrophoresis, Electrokinetics, and related areas. One award is presented every year at the AES Annual Meeting. The recipient of the award will receive a plaque, a certificate of lifetime membership in the society, and one complementary registration to the annual meeting where the award will be presented.

2020 Recipient

Philippe Renaud

Philippe Renaud is Professor in the Microsystem Laboratory at EPFL. He is also the scientific director of EPFL’s Center of MicroNanoTechnology (CMI). His main research area is related to micro-nano technologies in biomedical applications (BioMEMS) with emphasis on cell-chips, nanofluidics and bioelectronics. He and his group have developed new methods in flow cytometry and cell sorting based dielectric properties of the cells. They also study micro-bioreactors for on-chip co-culture of cells in drug screening and toxicology applications. In parallel he works on bioelectronic implants for neural recordings and stimulation, biomechanical sensors for eye pressure or articular implants. His is co-author of than 250 scientific papers, +20000 citations and 30 patents.

He received his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Lausanne and was postdoctoral fellow at University of California, Berkeley and then at the IBM Zürich Research Laboratory in Switzerland. He was appointed assistant professor at EPFL in 1994 and then full professor. He was summer visiting professor at the Tohoku University, Japan, at the department of Biochemical engineering at University College London, UK, and at Politecnico di Torino in Italy.

At EPFL, he was the initiator of the Center of Micro-nanotechnology (CMi), a large technology platform in cleanroom for researchers using these technologies in many areas of applications. He is, since the creation, the scientific director of CMi where more than 500 people are currently using this facility every year. The CMi has also helped several EPFL startups to make their first prototypes.

He is active in several scientific committees. He is also a co-founder of the NanoBioTech-Montreux conference. He is member of the Innosuisse Innovation Council. He is also is committed to validating basic research through his involvement in several high-tech start-up companies. More that 10 startups have emerged directly form his labs, or in close collaboration, in the last 15 years (Sensimed, Aleva Neurotherapeutics, Mimotec, Lemoptix, Amphasys, …). He was co-founder of Biocartis, a molecular diagnostic companies. He has also been constantly involved in the scientific advisory board of several companies.

Call For Nominations

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Past recipients

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2011  Kelvin H. Lee

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