SciX 2023 program

SciX Program Chair
Karen Faulds
University of Strathclyde


(23AES01) Bioanalysis - Chairs Juan Santiago, Md Nazibul Islam
Presentations to be announced.

(23AES02) Electokinetic Fundamentals - Chairs Rafael Davalos, Alaleh Vaghef Koodehi
Microscale bioseparations combining linear and nonlinear electrokinetic effects
Blanca Lapizco-Encinas

Synthesis of Bacterial Cellulose under AC electric fields
Rodrigo Martinez Duarte

(23AES03) Innovations in Device Fabrication and Applications - Chairs Alex Hyler, Olivia Ernst
Advanced 3D Printing for High Resolution Microfluidic Devices
Greg Nordin

(23AES04) Emerging Leaders - Chairs Lisa Flanagan, Alan Jiang
Electrokinetic microfluidic biosensors
Ran An

Automation and miniaturization of nucleic acid purification using microfluidics-based isotachophoresis
Crystal Han

Electrokinetic isolation of protein complexes from single cancer cells
Julea Vlassakis

(23AES05) Early Career - Chairs Blanca lapizco-Encinas, Zach Gagnon
On-chip multichannel impedance cytometry for phenotypic monitoring of microfluidic separations

Karina Torres

Exploring the use of low-frequency AC potentials in insulator-based electrokinetic separations
Nuzhet Nihaar Islam

Porous Structures for Enhanced Electrokinetic Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Md Nazibul Islam

Application of deep eutectic solvents for CE based separations
Jessica Torres

(23AES06) Lifetime Achievement - Chair Christopher Easley

Presentations to be announced.

(23AES07) 50th Anniversary - Chairs Tayloria Adams, Erin Henslee

Presentations to be announced.


(23ART01) Student Research in Archaeological Chemistry - Chair Jayde Hirniak
The Mobility of Fecal Stanols in Soils - Preliminary Results
AJ White

The effects of archaeological fires on volcanic glass shards: An experimental approach
Jayde Hirniak

The application of trace metal stable isotopes to Hominid physiology and behavior
Renee Boucher

Paint Production in the Chaco World: Revealing Networks of Power from the Chemical to the Cosmological
Kelsey Hanson

Embodiment, Identity, and Infant feeding Practices in the Ancient Andes: Analysis of δ13C and δ15N in Serial Samples of Permanent Molars from Tiwanaku, Bolivia
Marcos de la Rosa Martinez

(23ART02) Historic Perspective and Recent Advances in Art Analysis using Vibration Spectroscopy - Chairs Marc Vermeulen, Claudia Conti
Tales of Art and Raman Spectroscopy
Anastasia Rousaki

A Well of Information: Mutli-Technical Studies of Della Robbia's Christ and the Samaritan Woman
Alicia McGeachy

Innovations for rapid x-ray fluorescence and infrared chemical imaging of cultural heritage objects
Thomas Tague

Development of advanced micro-SORS prototypes for heritage science
Claudia Conti

Using vibrational spectroscopic imaging techniques to visualize subsurfaces in cultural heritage studies
Marc Vermeulen


(23ATOM01) ICP Time of Flight MS - Chair Alexander Gundlach-Graham
Some different views on ICP-MS
Detlef Gunther

The Origins of Noisy Single-Particle ICP-TOFMS Data and How to Use It
Alexander Gundlach-Graham

Expanding the Elemental Coverage by Combining LIBS with ICP-TOFMS for High-Speed Imaging
Derrick Quarles

(23ATOM02) Metallomics based applications - Chair Derrick Quarles
Further Down the Rabbit Hole: Correlative Quantitative Bioimaging via LA-ICP-TOF-MS and Synchrotron-Based X-Ray Fluorescence Microscopy (XFM)
Keith MacRenaris

Elemental Analysis in Biological Material
Martina Ralle

Bioimaging at the interface of metallomics and proteomics
Raquel Gonzalez de Vega

(23ATOM03) From Humble Beginnings – The Great Diversity of Glow Discharge Spectrometries - Chair Ken Marcus
A long way to go - 50 years of permanent progress from GD-AES to GD-MS
Norbert Jakubowski

GD-OES from 1852 to the present - still going strong
Arne Bengtson

Radiofrequency (Em)Powered Glow Discharge Spectrometry: Enabling novel analysis methods from materials to biological sciences
Gerardo Gamez

New Developmental Avenues for Solution-Cathode Glow Discharge Atomic Emission Spectrometry
Steven Ray

Mass Spectrometry of Solution Glow Discharges: Combined Atomic and Molecular (CAM) Ionization
Kenneth Marcus

(23ATOM04) Single Particle and Single Cell ICPMS - Chairs Antonio Montoro Bustos, Derrick Quarles
Novel tools for the characterisation of micro- and nanostructures in biology and the environment
David Clases

Overcoming interferences in single event-ICP-MS
Martin Resano

Real-life applications of single-cell ICP-mass spectrometry in the biomedical sciences
Eduardo Bolea-Fernandez

(23ATOM05) High-end ICP-MS Applications - Chairs Frank Vanhaecke, Thibaut Van Acker
Critical evaluation of fs-LA-ICP-TOFMS for multi-matrix analysis with high spatial resolution
Jorge Pisonero

David Ojeda

Frank Vanhaecke

(23ATOM06) Common strategies for LA-ICP-MS and LIBS - Chairs Matthieu Baudelet, Mauro Martinez
LIBS And Infrared on Mars
Valerie Payre

New approaches of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) for imaging in medicine
Mauro Martinez

(23ATOM07) Early Career in Atomic Spectroscopy - Chair Benjamin Manard
LA-ICP-MS quantification approaches in biological and carbonate matrices
Ana Lores Padin

An early career perspective on laser ablation plasma spectroscopy for nuclear security applications
Kyle Hartig

Small particles, big challenges: Comprehensive multi-elemental analysis of discrete samples using ICP-TOFMS
Lyndsey Hendricks

Utilization of atomic spectroscopy at National Labs – an early career’s perspective
Benjamin Manard

(23ATOM08) Early Glow Discharge - Chair Gerardo Gamez
Award Session - TBD Soon

(23ATOM09) Laser ablation based atomic spectroscopies: fundamental and applications - Chairs Jorge Pisonero, Ana Lores Padin
Expanding the capabilities of microplastics characterization via ICP-MS
Thibaut Van Acker

Single spot Rb-Sr dating by LA-MC-ICP-MS/MS: A new frontier for geochronology
Alicia Cruz-Uribe

High Fidelity Imaging of Earth Materials by LA- ICP-TOF-MS
John Cottle


(23BIM01) Machine and deep learning for biomedical diagnostics - Chairs Thomas Bocklitz, Oleg Ryabchykov
Machine learning for pathology detection along with macromolecular orientation using FT-IR bioimaging
Tomasz Wrobel

Using machine learning for the processing and modelling of vibrational spectral data
Oleg Ryabchykov

Standardizing Raman Line Illumination Microscopy Data to Investigate Hydrogel-Mediated Reprogramming of Cancer Stem Cells
Jean-Emmanuel Clement

XAI methods to understand spectral and image based machine learning models
Thomas Bocklitz

(23BIM02) 50th Anniversary Meeting - Translating multimodal imaging technologies into routine clinical practice: where do we stand? - Chair Juergen Popp
Realizing the utility of infrared spectroscopic imaging for cancer pathology
Rohit Bhargava

Anita Mahadevan-Jansen

Intraoperative tumor characterization via multimodal imaging
Juergen Popp

(23BIM03) Point-of-Care Technologies for Biomedical Applications - Chair Weber Karina
Novel blood diagnostics using Raman spectroscopy at the Point-of-Care
Anja Silge

Visible, Near-Infrared and Raman Spectroscopic Imaging Data Fusion for Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Christian Huck

AI-enabled detector array for deeper vision and sensing beyond the limit

Saif Islam

(23BIM04) Celebrating Early Career Scientists in Biomedical and Bioanalytical Spectroscopy - Chair Fay Nicolson
Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy of biological tissue – what can we get out of it?
Sara Mosca

Non-PCR based amplification methods for diagnosis of disease
Sam Mabbott

Raman spectroscopy for Tuberculosis detection
Andrea Locke

Cerys Jenkins

Ashley Love

(23BIM05) Nanotheranostics: Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease Using Nanomaterials - Chair Samuel Mabbott
SESORS for the detection of colorectal cancer
Fay Nicolson

Ayden Malekjahani

(23BIM06) Spectroscopy and The Role it Plays in Commercialization of NextGen Therapeutics - Chair Linda Kidder
Getting more with less – Multiway analysis of a dilution series of fluorescence landscapes
Asmund Rinnan

Karin Balss

Amandine Calvet

Multidimensional Fluorescence (A-TEEM) for the characterization of challenging samples - from AAVs to Exosomes
Jeff Julien

Using Polarized Excitation Emission Matrix (pEEM) for monitoring protein conjugation reactions
Alan Ryder

(23BIM07) Biomedical Spectroscopy and Imaging (CLIRSPEC) - Chairs Nick Stone, Olga Eremina
Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Tomography with Coherent Raman Imaging
Conor Evans

A comprehensive strategy for SERS multiplex imaging and analysis of the tumor microenvironment
Chrysafis Andreou


(23CHEM01) Recent Advances in Chemometrics - Chair Peter Harrington
Virtual Reality is Virtually Here
John Kalivas

Caelin Celani

Simple Procedure to Synthesize Data for Machine Learning
Peter Harrington

(23CHEM02) Chemometric Opportunities in Forensic Chemsitry - Chair Ruth Smith
Ignitable Liquid Analysis by DART-MS and Chemometrics
Mengliang Zhang

Elucidation of the Effect of Heat and Sun Exposures on Hair Colored by Permanent and Semi-Permanent Colorants Using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)
Dmitry Kurouski

(23CHEM03) Chemometrics Something Borrowed, Something New - Chair Federico Marini
Raffaele Vitale

Ludovic Duponchel

Federico Marini

(23CHEM04) Chemometric in Food and Agriculture - Chair Mengliang Zhang
Authentication of Edible Oils Using an Infrared Spectral Library and Digital Sample Sets for Calibrated and Uncalibrated Adulterants
Barry Lavine

Infrared Solutions for Rapid Sensing of Food Contaminants
Luis Rodriguez-Saona

James Harnly

Detection of insect infestation of milled grain
Rabi Musah

(23CHEM05) Industrial/PAT Applications of Chemometrics - Chair Brandye Smith-Goettler TBD
Brandye Smith-Goettler

(23CHEM06) Improvements in Field Sensing with Chemometrics - Chair Caelin Celani
Data Processing Strategies for Plasmonic Clinical Biosensors
Jean-Francois Masson

Field studies of monumental paintings: exploring the synergy of portable spectroscopic instrumentation for materials identification and chemical mapping
Roxanne Radpour

A comparison of 3 techniques for identifying the geographic region of Pinus ponderosa
Erin McClure-Price

Portable Instrumentation - Inside the Black Box
Suzanne Schreyer


Presentations to be announced.


(23MASS01) Early Career Researchers in Mass Spectrometry - Chairs Gabe Nagy, Chris Chouinard
Developing a Bioanalytical Toolbox for Human Milk Oligosaccharide Characterization
Gabe Nagy

From solution to the gas phase: An examination of protein charging in electrospray
Elyssia Gallagher

Gas Phase Structural Biology Enabled by Ion Mobility-Selected Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Varun Gadkari

Multimodal Mass Spectrometry Imaging Approaches for Probing Complex Biological Systems
Elizabeth Neumann

Ionic Liquid Degradation Products Probed by Mass Spectrometry
Amanda Patrick

(23MASS02) Ion Mobility Separations: Instrumentation, Applications, and Methods - Chairs Chris Chouinard, Gabe Nagy
Clinical Applications of Advanced Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry
Ahmed Hamid

Combining Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry with Multidimensional Chromatographic Separations
Chris Chouinard

Ion Mobility-Enhanced Multistep Collisional Activation for the Improved Sequencing of Complement Proteins
Jack Ryan

(23MASS03) 50 Years in Mass Spectrometry - Chair Ben Garcia
Quantitative mass spectrometry for understanding epigenetic modifications in cancer
Ben Garcia

Unlocking the dark matter of food with glycemic methods
Carlito Lebrilla

Unraveling the spatial lipidome using gas-phase ion/ion reactions
Boone Prentice

Functional Group-selective Ion-molecule Reactions in Structural Characterization of Drug
Hikka Kenttamaa

(23MASS04) Understanding Protein Structure with Mass Spectrometry - Chair Jared Shaw
Dissecting hierarchical organization of proteins and lipids organization in the membrane
Kallol Gupta

Mass Spectrometric Characterization of Chemically and Natively Unfolded Proteins
Ian Webb

Enhanced protein complex characterization with electron capture dissoication and surface induced dissociation
Jared Shaw

Native Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Membrane Proteins in Complex with Membrane Mimetics
Weijing Liu


(23FORENS01) Nuclear Forensics - Chair Robert Lascola
Combined Sensor Fusion and Chemometrics for Monitoring Uranium(VI) in the Presence of Fission and Corrosion Products
Luke Sadergaski

Monitoring of Multicomponent Slurries with Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy
Martha Grover

(23FORENS02) Food Forensics - Chair Luis Rodriguez-Saona
Ismael Boyaci

Christopher Ball

Luis Rodriguez-Saona

(23FORENS03) Forensic Analysis in the Lab and at the Crime Scene - Chairs Igor Lednev, Marisia Fikiet
Forensic Science R&D Funding Program at the National Institute of Justice
Gregory Dutton

Validation of the Fast Blue BB (FBBB) screening test for the detection of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (∆9-THC) in oral fluid
Jose Almirall

Probing Phototransformation of Saliva Stain with Steady State Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Entesar Alhetlani

Streamlining decision-making processes at the crime scene and the laboratory by incorporating fast screening tools into current gunshot residue workflows
Tatiana Trejos

(23FORENS04) International Mail Security - Chairs Adam Lanzarotta, Bhavik Vyas
Analysis of FDA-Regulated Products for Drugs at International Mail Facilities
Sara Kern

(23FORENS05) Early Career Research in Forensic Science - Chair Alexis Weber
Chemical Anthropology: The Forensic Chemist’s Perspective on Bones
Kristen Livingston


(23LIBS01) The new LIBS generation - Chair Hunter Andrews
Combined LIBS and LA-ICP-MS for 3D mapping of uranium absorption and migration in living human tissue
Greg Hull

Nebulization-assisted LIBS as a potential tool for online analysis of liquids including complex halogen-containing samples
Cristina Mendez-Lopez

Optical Spectroscopy of Laser-Induced Plutonium Plasmas
Emily Kwapis

Overview of LIBS Research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Hunter Andrews

(23LIBS02) LIBS throughout the FACSS history - Chair Matthieu Baudelet
Excitation temperature with Boltzmann plot: Significance, accuracy and correct use
Alessandro De Giacomo

The evolution of LIBS calibration curves
Matthieu Baudelet

Rick Russo

(23LIBS03) LIBS for forensics and security - Chairs Tatiana Trejos, Ruthmara Corzo
A Two-step method for the identification and highly specific analysis of organic gunshot residue using Raman and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopies
Igor Lednev

Development of a method for the forensic discrimination of solder by LIBS
Claude Dalpe

Advancement of LIBS Mobile Technology for the Detection of Firearm Discharge Residue from Various Substrates and Assessment at Mock Crime Scenes
Kourtney Dalzell

(23LIBS04) LIBS for forensics and security - Chairs Josette El Haddad, Andressa Adame
Quantitative LIBS on Mars: Lessons Learned and Next Steps
Ryan Anderson

Qualitative Analysis of Earthen-based Materials using LIBS
Aissa Harhira

Application of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Assisted with Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIBS-LIF) for Rapid Quantitative Analysis of Platinum Group Elements in Rock Ores
Ismail El Hamdaoui

(23LIBS05) LIBS for nuclear applications - Chairs Kyle Hartig, Hunter Andrews
Recent advances in laser-based sensing for nuclear safety and security applications
Milos Burger

Effects of atmospheric turbulence on remote isotope sensing for nuclear security applications
Vassilia Zorba

Detection and analysis of light isotopes in nuclear materials using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
Elizabeth Kautz

Effects of external focusing and off-axis light collection on aerosol emission spectroscopy using fs-laser filaments
Kyle Latty


(23IR01) Fluorescence and EEMS: Exploiting A New Approach for PAT and Monitoring - Chairs Alan Ryder, Ashley Love
Polarized Excitation Emission Matrix (pEEM) spectroscopy: another dimension for protein analysis
Alan Ryder

Using EEMs as a PAT Tool for Continuous Manufacturing Using Flow Photo- & Electrochemistry
Mike George

Measuring protein-polymer nanoparticle interactions using polarized Excitation Emission Matrix (pEEM) spectroscopy
Augusto de Castro

(23IR02) Cebrating Coblentz - NE/NE SAS ECR Student Prize Winners - Chairs Mike George, John Wasylyk

(23IR03) 140 Years of the Coblentz Society and the Infrared and Raman Discussion Group (IRDG) - Chair Mike George
The Interplay Between Spectrometer Development (Lab and Portable) and Professional Spectroscopic Societies
Richard Crocombe

The Adsorption of Nitrobenzene over Pd/Al2O3: An Infrared Spectroscopic Study
Annelouise McCullogh

“You Ought to be in Pictures”: the Emergence of Infrared Spectral Imaging
Neil Lewis

Karin Wieland

A retrospect of spectroscopic studies on dipyridophenazine - from Queens University Belfast to Los Lamos to the University of Otago New Zealand
Keith Gordon

(23IR04) Nanoscale IR in Bioscience - Chair F. Simone Ruggeri
Nanoscale Structural Characterization of Amyloid Oligomers and Fibrils Grown in the Presence of Lipids
Dzmitry Kurouski

Mid-infrared nanospectroscopy of RNA/DNA-binding protein aggregates
Valeria Giliberti

Investigating the bacterial protein quality control system with AFM-IR nanospectroscopy
Wouter Duverger

(23IR05) Nanoscale IR spectroscopy theory and applications - Chair Andrea Centrone
Null-Deflection Scanning Probe Infrared (NDIR) Spectroscopic Imaging: From Analytical Models to Applications
Seth Kenkel

Micro and nanoscale scanning probe spectroscopy from mid-IR to THz via diamond campanile probe
Oleg Kolosov

Understanding Cantilever Transduction Efficiency and Spatial Resolution in Nanoscale Infrared Microscopy
Jeffrey Schwartz

(23IR06) Material Science: IR nanospectroscopy opens new perspectives - Chairs Ariane Deniset-Besseau, Georg Ramer
Probing Phonon Polaritons of Hexagonal Boron Nitride in the Aqueous Phase with Liquid-phase Peak Force Infrared Microscopy
Xiaoji Xu

Nanoscale Insights into Paint Degradradation
Suzanne Morsch

Traveling thru time with IR nanospectroscopy
Jeremie Mathurin

(23IR07) Applications of Photothermal IR Spectroscopy and Imaging in the Life Sciences - Chair Rohith Reddy
Rohith Reddy

Probing metabolic heterogeneities within microbial populations at single-cell level with O-PTIR imaging
Cassio Lima

Oxana Klementieva

Francesca Palombo

(23IR08) Photothermal IR Spectroscopy and Imaging of Microplastics and Other Materials - Chair Curtis Marcott
Materials for Inhaled Aerosol Treatment of Disease: PTIR Microscopy for Bioequivalence and Improving Therapeutic Index
Mark Banaszak Holl

Surely It's Just a Phase: Probing Solid and Semi-Solid Atmospheric Particles from Urban Haze to Algal Blooms to Microplastics with Photothermal Infrared Plus Raman Spectroscopy
Andrew Ault

Mark Anderson

(23IR09) Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy - Chairs Young Mee Jung, Isao Noda
Enhanced Spectral Resolution and 2D-COS
Isao Noda

Characterization of Silicone Rubber under Electrical, Chemical, and Thermal Stress
Dennis Hore

Investigation of bread staling by handheld NIR spectroscopy in tandem with 2D-COS and MCR-ALS analysis
Heinz Siesler

Quantum Cascade Laser Microscopy and Two-Dimensional Correlation Algorithms a Powerful Combination for the Characterization of Therapeutic Proteins
Belinda Pastrana

Polarized Raman Microscope Studies of Spherulites in Thin PHA Films as a Means to Further Characterize Crystallization Mechanisms
Fren Adar

(23IR10) Instrumental advances for mid-IR spectroscopy - Chairs Young Jong Lee, Bernhard Lendl
Mid-IR dispersion spectroscopy for liquid and gas sensing applications
Bernhard Lendl

Advanced detection scheme for high-sensitivity IR spectroscopy
Seong-Min Kim

(23IR11) IR frequency combs - Chair Pedro Martin Mateos
Frequency combs for precision hyperspectral imaging
Pedro Martin Mateos

Paradigm Changes in Time Resolved Infrared Spectroeletrochemistry
Scott Rosendahl

Nathalie Picque

(23IR12) Mid-IR Sensing schemes beyond absorbance spectroscopy - Chair Bernhard Lendl
A MZI for dispersion spectroscopy
Alicja Dabrowska

IR refraction spectroscopy
Thomas Mayerhofer

Photothermal spectroscopy of liquids


(23PAT01) Looking 50 Years into the Future of PAT - Chairs Marissa Dobulis, Zoe Whalley
50 Years (and More) of PAT in Nuclear Materials Processing
Rob Lascola

Application of structured approaches to implementation of measurements and advanced preprocessing techniques
Magdalene Chong

J.D. Tate

(23PAT02) PAT pharma/biotech - Chair Hossein Hamedi
Online Quantitation in Bioreactors
Michael Bishop

William Wang

In Situ Infrared Spectroscopy of a Cementitious Material
Mark Rickard

Solid-state Raman - the ideal process analytical technology for monitoring & control of industrial fermentation processes
Brian Marquardt

Slava Artyushenko

(23PAT03) Novel PA Technologies & Applications - Chair Shawn Chen
Use of On-line Spectroscopy to enable closed-loop control in polymerization processes
Sebastian Huelck

William Wang

In Situ Infrared Spectroscopy of a Cementitious Material
Mark Rickard

Solid-state Raman - the ideal process analytical technology for monitoring & control of industrial fermentation processes
Brian Marquardt

Slava Artyushenko

(23PAT04) In Situ Spectroscopy for industrial R&D - Chair Mark Rickard
Optimization-based strategy for in-situ spectral data analysis and kinetics modeling
Shawn Chen

(23PAT05) PAT Coblentz: Machine learning - Chairs Jim Rydzak, Barry Wise

(23PAT06) PAT in petroleum and refinery industries - Chair Toni Miao
Reformulizer Level Characterization of Mogas using Multivariate IR
Bryan Bowie

The use of static optics FTIR for controlling petrochemical and refinery operations with mid infrard
Johnathon Speed

Portable FT-NIR spectral sensing for instant and global insights
Yasser Sabry


(23PMA01) Vibrational Spectroscopy to Support Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - Chairs Patrick Wray, Sergei Kazarian
Studying IgG aggregation under flow using ATR-FTIR spectroscopic imaging
Celine Van Haaren

Process related particulate analysis in pharmaceutical manufacturing
Don Clark

Spectroscopic Applications for Pharmaceutical Development
John Wasylyk

(23PMA02) Media integrity in BioPharma - Chair Alan Ryder
Implementation of a control strategy insuring low impact of cell culture media quality on bioprocesses
Amandine Calvet

Assessing Lot-to-Lot Elemental Variability in Cell Culture Media using Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
Shane Grant

(23PMA03) Transmission Raman for Pharma Applications - Chair Julia Griffen
Transmission Raman Spectroscopy supporting Process Induced Phase Transformation (PIPT) for Drug Substance/Drug Product Interface
Michelle Raikes

From Powder Pediatric In-Use Samples to Multi-Dose Tablets, Method Development and Validation Approaches for TRS in Drug Product
Greg Dodderidge

(23PMA04) Nanomedicine Applications - Chair Zahra Rattray
Analytical pipelines for profiling nanomedicine biological interactions
Zahra Rattray

Field Flow Fractionation applications for the analysis of nanomaterials for health
Panida Punnabhum

(23PMA05) Measurement of proteins and modifications towards Precision Medicine - Chairs John Marshall, John Wasylyk
Emanuel Petricoin

Karin Rodland

Devanand Pinto

(23PMA06) Emerging plasmonic nanoparticles for drugs and pharmaceutical analysis - Chair Malama Chisanga
Functionalized SERS sensors for the detection and quantitative analysis of narcotics
Li-Lin Tay

SERS biosensors for early diagnosis and treatment guidance
Pietro Strobbia

Chiara Deriu

(23PMA07) Vibrational Spectroscopy in Devoloping Biologics & Cell and Gene Therapy - Chair Santosh Hodawaderkar

(23PMA08) Small moleule analysis in Biopharma - Chairs Karl Burgess, Roy Goodacre, Kat Hollywood
Tessa Moses

Maikel Gaitkoski

Tariq Ganief

Jeff Keen

(23PMA09) Pharma Forensics -Chairs Ravi Kalyanaraman, Scott Huffman
Multirange Vibrational Spectroscopy for Pharmaceutical Forensics
Stephan Woods

Oh Pharmaceutical Forensics Microscopy, Where Art Thou Come From?
Dale Purcell

Sourcing Foreign or Extraneous Matter Using the Particle Approach
Craig Schwandt

What's in the Bottle? Real Patient Complaints Submitted to FIT
Brittany Handzo

Microscopy Tool Ideas in Parenteral Pharmaceutical Environment
David Martinez-Wolcott


(23RAM01) Emerging Raman - Chairs Pavel Matousek, Bhavya Sharma

Labeled Raman microscopy for cell metabolism studies
Malgorzata Baranska

In Vivo Surface-Enhanced Transmission Raman Spectroscopy: Advancing towards Photosafe Detection of Deep-Seated Lesions

Li Lin

Wearable Microfluidic Devices for Sweat Analysis
Limei Tian

(23RAM02) SERS 1  - Chairs Roy Goodacre, Zac Schultz, Sian Sloan Dennison

Hybrid materials for SERS bioimaging
Dorleta Jimenez De Aberatsuri

Janina Kneipp

Deep Learning-enabled Classification of Extracellular Vesicles Using SERS
Colin Hisey

(23RAM03) SERS 2  - Chairs Roy Goodacre, Zac Schultz, Sian Sloan Dennison

SERS applications in Environmental Detection
Huiyuan Guo

Nanoplasmonic analysis of extracellular vesicles (EVs) for cancer diagnostics

Randy Carney

Olga Eremina

(23RAM04) SERS 3  - Chairs Roy Goodacre, Zac Schultz, Sian Sloan Dennison
Understanding molecule-metal interactions through SERS
Laura Fabris

Colloidal SERS: the do's and the don'ts

Priyanka Dey

SERS for reliable detection of biomolecules
Bin Ren

(23RAM05) IRDG  - Chair Karen Faulds
Exploring Pharmaceutical formulation structure using 3D Raman Chemical images
Liam Davison-Gate

Point of care detection of drug induced liver injury using SERS-based lateral flow testing
Sian Sloan-Dennison

IRDG Chalmers and Dent awardee

(23RAM06) SERS – 50th Ann  - Chair Duncan Graham

(23RAM07) ECR Raman  - Chairs Bhavya Sharma, Sian Sloan-Dennison
Characterizing the structure and interactions of polymer-DNA complexes used in gene therapy applications
David Punihaole


Ben Gardner

Developments in SERS sensing of polyphenolic compounds in plant extracts and phthalate ester plasticizers in degraded plastic artworks
Stephanie Zaleski

Multiplex cellular imaging using stimulated Raman scattering microscopy and spectral phasor analysis
William Tipping

Scanning Ion-Conductance Microscopy for Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Naihao Chiang

(23RAM08) Raman Imaging  - Chair Katsumasa Fujita
Hiramatsu Kotaro


Katarzyna Majzner

Marcus Cicerone

(23RAM09) Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy  - Chair Bhavya Sharma
SOR and SESORS: How deep can we realistically sample?
Nick Stone

Multiplexed ratiometric SESORS imaging
Karen Faulds

(23RAM10) Low Frequency Raman  - Chair Robert Chimenti
The boson peak and heterogeneities in liquids and disordered solids
Alexei Sokolov

Low-frequency Raman studies on chiral hybrid perovskites
Rahul Rao

(23RAM11) Raman Standards  - Chair TBD

(23RAM12) Raman Spectroscopy for Security and Forensics Purposes  - Chairs Igor Lednev, Lamyaa Almehmadi
Spectroscopic Analysis of Liquids and Airborne Particles
Karina Weber

Raman Spectroscopy as a Universal test for Body Fluid Identification: Method Validation vs. False Positives
Luis Perez-Almodovar

Detecting and quantifying THC metabolites that matter for safety using SERS
Amanda Haes

(23RAM13) Nano Raman  - Chair TBD

(23RAM14) Industrial Raman  - Chair TBD

(23RAM15) Raman in Regenerative Medicine  - Chairs Ioan Notingher, Max Dooley
Raman spectroscopy for in vivo longitudinal monitoring of rodent models
Martin Hedegaard

Imaging topical drug delivery with SRS microscopy
Natalie Belsey

Development of Raman spectroscopy technique for monitoring forein body response
Max Dooley

(23RAM16) Raman Sensors - Chair TBD

Presentations to be announced.


(23SPECIAL01) Skilled: Scientific Discoveries and Professional Lessons After Academia - Chairs Kristy McKeating, Sam Hinman
Accelerating Discovery and Development of Antibody Therapeutics on the Beacon Optofluidic Platform
Sam Hinman

Publish and/or Flourish: A National Lab Perspective
Frederic Poitevin

Apparently Healthy: Biosensors for Wellness Applications
Kristy McKeating

Marshall Brennan

(23SPECIAL02) Spectrochimica Acta B - Award Session - Chair Alessandro Degiacomo

(23SPECIAL03) Microplastic Analysis - Standard Operating Procedures to Understand the Environmental and Health Threats - Chairs Andrew Whitley, Andrew Patterson
Leah Thornton

Andrew Patterson

Nizar Benismail


(23SPR01) Early Career Plasmonics Researchers - Chair Jean-Francois Masson
Plasmonic Heating of Metallic Nanostructures: Comparing Bulk and Surface Temperatures
Gregory Wallace

Plasmonic sensing of infectious disease markers: from causative agents to host response
Malama Chisanga

From water to whisky: golden opportunities in analysis with plasmonic particles
William Peveler

(23SPR02) 50 Years of Plasmonics - Chair Amanda Haes
Integrated Plasmonic Architectures for Enhanced Detection
Marc Porter

Label-free plasmonic imaging for quantitative analysis of transparent nanoscale objects
Wei-Chuan Shih

(23SPR03) Structuring Plasmonic Particles for Applications - Chair Matthew Sheldon
Plasmon antenna-based molecular chiral induction
Jennifer Shumaker-Pa

Refractory Plasmonic Nanostructures: Synthesis and their Photothermal Application
Mita Dasog

(23SPR04) Plasmonics and Catalysis - Chair Malama Chisanga
Promoting Unique Molecular Processes with Plasmonics
Matthew Sheldon

Quantification of Carrier Transfer Rates from Plasmonic Photocatalysts
Dayne Swearer

(23SPR05) Plasmonics and Sensing - Chair Jennifer Shumaker-Parry
Probing SERS intensity fluctuations at high-speed acquisitions
Alexandre Brolo

Importance of Solvent for Plasmonic Sensing
Amanda Haes


(23SPSJ01) Higher energy UV spectroscopy - Chairs Yusuke Morisawa, Ichiro Tanabe
A study on electronic structure and transition of saccharides by ATR-FUV and UVRR spectroscopy
Kosuke Hashimoto

SPR sensing in deep-ultraliot region
Ichiro Tanabe

Ultraviolet Plasmonics for biosensing applications
Yunshan Wang

Yusuke Morisawa

(23SPSJ02) 50 years of UV Raman spectroscopy - Chairs Igor Lednev, Barbara Rossi TBD
Young Mee Jung

Advanced instrumentation for DUV Raman microscopy: Finer, faster, and brighter
Atsushi Taguchi

Electron-phonon coupling in linear sp-carbon chains unveiled by UV resonance Raman spectroscopy
Carlo Casari

Carlo Casari

Barbara Rossi

(23SPSJ03) NIR spectroscopy (basic spectroscopy) -  Chairs Akifumi Ikehata, Krzysztof Bec

Interference effects on the light scattering properties in dense colloidal suspensions
Hiroyuki Fuji

Chemical interpretation of meaningful variables in chemometric models by theoretical simulation - the case of NIR analysis of pharmaceuticals
Krzysztof Bec

NIR analysis of human liquid biopsy samples for disease identification
Hoeil Chung

(23SPSJ04) NIR spectroscopy (applications) - Handheld NIR spectroscopy: a non-destructive, rapid and informative technique for quality control in the materials- and life-sciencesChairs Christian W. Huck, Mika Ishigaki

Heinz Sies

Near-infrared spectral pattern classification of glycolytic reactions using oscillating reactions of yeast extracts
Akifumi Ikehata

Hyperspectral data analytics with deep learning fusion-nets
Bosoon Park

Applications of near-infrared spectroscopy to the analysis of biofluids
Bayden Wood

Miniaturized NIR in natural products and food analysis - from mechanistic understanding to framework optimization
Justyna Grabska

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