SCIX officers

2024 - raleigh, north carolina

The 2024 SciX Team is responsible for planning, organizing, and running the 2024 North American annual meeting presented by FACSS. This team joins the ranks of previous officers and team members who have successfully served FACSS and its meetings since the founding of FACSS in 1973. Starting in 2009, the overall responsibility for the conference rests with the General Chair. Each of the other SciX chairs is responsible for organizing one of the cornerstones of the meeting and reports to the General Chair.


  Greg Klunder
  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

 Jake Shelley 
  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Scott Rudder

Tina Gong 

   Ellen Miseo 
   Miseo Consulting

  DEI Chair 
   Alexis Weber
   University of Albany, SUNY

FACSS Executive Officers

Executive Officers of the FACSS organization are unpaid volunteeres who have been duly elected by the FACSS Governing Board. The Executive Officers' role is to advise the Governing Board on policy, study and recommend action on proposals, and assume the responsibility for the governance and welfare of the FACSS organization in the interim between Governing Board meetings. The Governing Board Chairperson runs the Governing Board meetings that are held twice each year in the spring and fall.

A list of FACSS officers with contact information can be found on the FACSS Executive Officers page.

The Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies (FACSS) and the SciX Conference organizers are dedicated to providing a professional, pleasant and harassment-free conference experience for everyone. View the full Code of Conduct. 

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