FACSS Distinguished Service Award

The FACSS Governing Board presents the Distinguished Service Award to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional, long-term service to the FACSS organization. Typically, that person will have served with excellence in many different capacities and will have contributed to the continuing success of FACSS through consistent dedication and sacrifice. The Distinguished Service Award has been awarded since 1993.


A candidate for the Distinguished Service Award must be nominated via a written petition, which enumerates the candidate's major contributions.

  • The petition must be signed by at least four delegates, each representing a different member organization of FACSS. 
  • The signed petition must be submitted to the executive committee (directly to the Governing Board chair or via scix@scixconference.orgby January 30 each year, in order to be considered and presented at that year's SciX conference. 
  • A Distinguished Service Award will be awarded to the candidate if the Governing Board approves the petition by a majority vote.

Past Recipients

2021 Doug Gilman and Greg Klunder

2018 Ian Lewis

2017 Diane Parry

2016 John Chalmers, John Graham, Jim Rydzak

2015 Michael Blades, Gary Brewer and Keith Olson

2014 Ron Williams and Edward J. Havlena

2013 Mark A. Hayes and Cynthia M. Lilly

2012 O Karmie Galle and Bruce Chase

2011 Patricia B. Coleman and Jon W. Carnahan

2010 Scott McGeorge and Alexander Scheeline

2009 Paul Bourassa and Mike Carrabba

2003 Jeanette Grasselli Brown

2001 David Coleman

1994 L. Felix Schneider

1993 Edward Brame and Syd Fleming

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