FACSS Student Poster Awards

All students who submit a poster are automatically entered into the FACSS student poster competition. Judges review student posters in each poster session and award daily winners, who are announced at the following day's plenary session.

2023 FACSS Student Poster Award Recipients

Zuri Rashad, 3DEP Characterization of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells and the Development of DEP-based Cell Sorting Strategies

Christopher Mallon, Vibrational energy flow in complex ligand scaffolds revealed via 2D IR spectroscopy 

Hannah O'Toole, Nanomaterials Platform for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Chemical Fingerprinting of Cancer-Associated Volatile Organic Compounds 

Jordan Peper, Integration of Immersive Virtual Reality with Machine Learning for Calibration Model Selection and Classification

Devon McCornack, Cationic Isotachophoresis of Engineered Gold Nanoparticles For Enhanced Lateral Flow Assay

Joshua Taylor, Flipping Out (Or In) About Vitamin E: What Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy Can Teach Us About the Movement of Vitamin E Through Membranes 

Maran Sardoni, Confocal Raman Microscopy Investigations of the Two-Step Functionalization of Porous Chromatographic Silica

Stasia Harycki, Microplastic Particle Quantification in Seawater Using Single-particle ICP-TOFMS with Online Microdroplet Calibration 

Klavdija Bukovec, Investigation of Zinc Soap Formation and Damage Mechanisms in Oil Paintings

Zackery Ferneyhough, An Optimized Purification Protocol for Enzymatically Synthesized S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (Sam) for Applications in Solution State Infrared Spectroscopic Studies 

Thulya Chakkumpulakkal Puthan Veettil, Synchrotron-infrared microspectroscopy of live Leishmania major infected macrophages and isolated promastigotes and amastigotes

Julia Danischewski, Exploration of Acoustic-Based Ion Optics for the Control of Gaseous Ions  


2019 FACSS Student Poster Award Recipients

Nicole Hill, Microparticle Separations using Dielectrophoresis Chromatography         

Mohammad Towshif Rabbani, High-Resolution 3D-Printed Microfluidic Devices for Dielectrophoretic Applications

Anjali Gopal, Characterization and design guidance for chemical stripping of immobilized protein targets in microfluidic hydrogel scaffolds for multiplex target detection  

Andreas Knebl, Fiber-Enhanced Raman Gas Spectroscopy for Isotopic Labeling Experiments with oxygen-18 and carbon-13

Hacer Akpolat, Rapid phenotypic approach for screening the major carotenoids of tomato in breeding selections

Sofia Pozsonyiova, Bridging the Gap: Integrating Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning Methods to Better Classify and Visualize LIBS Data

Christopher Brais, Electrospray Ionization Zoom Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

Sarah Wright, Battling the Backlog: Capillary Zone Electrophoresis Automated Fraction Collection for the Forensic Analysis of Sexual Assault Evidence

Taylor Fish,  Development of immunoaffinity monolith extraction of preterm birth risk biomarkers in 3D printed microfluidic systems

Robert Spiers, Using Model Diversity and Prediction Similarity for Model Selection of Multivariate Calibration Updating Methods Based on Unlabeled Data

Grant Myres, Confocal-Raman Microscopy of Supported Lipid Bilayers in Nanoporous Silica Particles: a Platform for Label-Free Heterogeneous Bioassays

Ashwin Rao, Determination of Gallium Concentrations in Cerium and Plutonium Alloys via Handheld Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

2018 FACSS Student Poster Award Recipients

Christopher Brais, University at Buffalo

Rebekah Byford, Imperial College London

Marisia Fikiet, University at Albany

Chantrell Frazier, Florida International University

Shamal Gunawardhana, Ralph Adams Institute for Bioanalytical Chemistry

Maryam Moarefian, Virginia Tech

T. Joshua Moore, University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Courtney Olson, University of Minnesota

Paige A. Reed, Clemson University

Montwaun Young, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

2017 FACSS Student Poster Award Recipients

Nalin Andersen, University of New Mexico

Md Nayeem Hossain, Duquesne University

Fanny Chu, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Oscar Ayala, Vanderbilt University

Krystine Hill, Naval Medical Research Center

Carmen Gondhalekar, Purdue University

Sugato Ray, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Joseph Lesniewski, Georgetown University

Christopher Wiseall, University of Nottingham

Maria Rivera, University at Buffalo

Kevin Higgins, University of Tennessee

Mercede Erikson, Brigham Young University

2016 FACSS Student Poster Award Recipients

Maria F. Romero-Creel, Rochester Institute of Technology

Yuting Huang, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Claire Muro, University at Albany

Pranav Agrawal, University of Minnesota

Md Nayeem Hossain, Duquesne University

Ruchira Silva, University of Minnesota

Nolan Wong, Northwestern University

Arthur Montazeri, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Sunipa Pramanik, University of Minnesota

Linyun He, Washington University in Saint Louis

Ahmed Elsied, Purdue University

Payson Dieffenbach, Purdue University

2015 FACSS Student Poster Award Recipients

Zhenyu Lu, University of South Carolina

Brianna Cassidy, University of South Carolina

Swati Naik, Central Michigan University

Xianglin Zhai, Louisiana State University

Cory Stiner, University of Cincinnati

Tajana Schneiderman, The Ohio State University

Owen Rehrauer, Purdue University

Melissa McHugh, University of Leicester

Vishal Varma, University of Illinois at Chicago

Udita Brahmachari, Georgia Institute of Technology

Elizabeth Kish, Department of Life Sciences, CEA Saclay, France

Kunyu Zheng; Georgetown University

Jie Ding, Arizona State University

Buddini Karawdeniya, University of Rhode Island

2014 FACSS Student Poster Award Recipients

Marie Richard, Lacroix, University of Montreal

Kelly Hall, University of South Carolina Upstate

Antonia Campos, University of Minnesota

Sudhaunshu Purohit, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Elyse Towns, University of California, Davis

Vishal Varma, University of Illinois at Chicago

Bradley M. Moran, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Stephanie A. DeJong, University of South Carolina

Azhad Chowdhury, Purdue University

Bahige G. Abdallah, Arizona State University

Jessica J. Ramsey, Brigham Young University

Lance Moses, Brigham Young University

Wade C. Ellis, Brigham Young University

Jack Reid, The Rivers School and Bruker Daltonics

2013 FACSS Student Poster Award Recipients

Anahita Zare, University of Missouri-Columbia

Jinghui Luo, Arizona State University

Russell Putnam, University of Windsor

Charlotte Reininger, Brigham Young University

Md Anik Alam, Duquesne University

Jain-Hein Hooijschuur, Vrije University

Leon Taleh, Delaware State University

Christopher Dettmar, Purdue University

Hannah E. Wagie, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kaylee R. McDonald, University of South Carolina

Shady Girgis, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Joanna Denbigh, University of Manchester

Elyse Towns, University of California, Davis

Bradley M. Moran, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

2012 FACSS Student Poster Award Recipients

Yelena Ilin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Sanchari Bhattacharya, Arizona State University

Dulan Gunasekara, Department of Chemistry, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS and Ralph N. Adams Institute for Bioanalytical Chemistry, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Xiwei Zheng, Chemistry Department, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Ryan Schmeling, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Peter DeVietien, Center for Materials under Extreme Environment, School of Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University

Justin R. Freeman, Purdue University

Mai Miyada, Kwansei Gakuin University

Antonio Campos, University of Minnesota

Fathima Ameer, Mississippi State University

Laurel Kegel, University of Delaware

Nicole Hanks; University of Cincinnati

Kenji Takashima, Waseda University

Jessica Creamer, University of Kansas and Keene State College

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