The Theophilus Redwood Award is given to a leading analytical scientist who is also an outstanding communicator.


Christy Haynes is the Elmore H. Northey Professor of Chemistry at the University of Minnesota where she leads the Haynes Research Group, a lab dedicated to applying analytical and nanomaterials chemistry in the context of biomedicine, ecology, and toxicology.

Professor Haynes completed her undergraduate work at Macalester College in 1998 and earned a Ph.D in chemistry at Northwestern University in 2003 under the direction of Richard P. Van Duyne. Before joining the faculty at the University of Minnesota in 2005, Haynes performed postdoctoral research in the laboratory of R. Mark Wightman at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Among many honors, she has been recognized as an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, a Searle Scholar, a Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar, a National Institutes of Health “New Innovator,” and a 2018 Guggenheim Fellow.  In addition to wide recognition for her research contributions, including over 250 peer-reviewed publications, she has been recognized by her university as an Outstanding Postdoctoral Mentor and the Sara Evans Faculty Woman Scholar/Leader Award. Professor Haynes is currently the Associate Head of the University of Minnesota, Department of Chemistry, the Associate Director of the National Science Foundation-funded Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology, and an Associate Editor for the journal Analytical Chemistry.

In addition, Prof. Haynes is a champion for diversity in STEM fields and dialogue between scientists and the public. To learn more about Prof. Haynes and her research, in her own words, listen to a recent interview she gave on the “People behind the Science” podcast and watch a TEDx talk she delivered in January 2017. ( and

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