Booth 521 - Elemental Scientific

For 19 years, Elemental Scientific has been providing high-quality solutions to meet the specialized needs of labs worldwide. From our innovative intelligent autosamplers to FAST application solutions designed to determine trace element concentrations and isotope ratios in a range of samples, ESI can create a system to improve the speed, precision, and accuracy of your ICPMS/ICPOES experiments. Elemental Scientific has recently acquired a complete laser ablation product portfolio to provide solid sampling capabilities. Elemental Scientific Lasers LLC has been serving the ICP-MS market by supplying highly innovative laser ablation products for solid sample introduction for more than 20 years. Elemental Scientific Lasers has a range of products to meet the diverse needs of ICP-MS users and the vastly different applications that they perform. From the NWR266macro designed with industrial bulk analysis in mind, to the NWRimage with its sub 1 micron laser spot designed for bioimaging at the cellular level, Elemental Scientific Lasers has a solution to meet your requirements.