Booth 503 - HORIBA Scientific

HORIBA is time traveling at SCIX. Let us take you back to the future as we celebrate our history and future of innovation in spectroscopy. This year we are celebrating 50 years of Raman innovation at HORIBA. From our first commercial Raman instrument to our new futuristic LabRAM Odyssey, to paraphrase Doc: ‘If you're gonna build a machine, why not do it with some style?’ Come see our Raman microscopy and nano-Raman imaging solutions solutions. For macro and portable Raman we have MacroRAM™, our first high-sensitivity cuvette-based benchtop Raman system and AnywhereRaman™ for easy Raman probe based measurements in or outside the lab. If you are in to molecular spectroscopy then you have to try the first fluorescence true molecular fingerprinting systems with our AquaLog and Duetta, both using our patented A-TEEM™ technology. Doc was, of course, into atomic spectroscopy, but his lab didn’t have our MESA-50 EDXRF to screen the purity of his plutonium for his flux capacitor, or our powerful GD-OES elemental analyzers for depth profiling. So, take a travel Odyssey in booth 407, check out our LabRAM Odyssey and get a photo in Doc’s time traveling DeLorean. GREAT SCOTT! YOU’LL HAVE A GREAT TIME