Booth 401 - Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.

Kaiser Optical Systems, an Endress+Hauser Company, is recognized as a world leader in the design and production of Raman analyzers and components for spectroscopy. Our RamanRxn Systems™ suite of Raman analyzer includes ATEX certified process analyzers for classified installations, reaction analysis analyzers, bulk solids analyzers, gas-phase analyzers, Raman microscopes, and the Raman WorkStation™ featuring Kaiser’s revolutionary fast, quantitative PhAT technology and transmission Raman capability. Our components product lines include performance filters, high F/# spectrographs, and OEM systems. Raman analyzer installation locations include R&D, Pilot plant, manufacturing, and QA/QC. Pharmaceutical PAT applications include reaction monitoring, API production, polymorphic form quantitation, drug product unit operations (including blending, granulation, and tableting), and end product testing. Other Applications areas for RamanRxn Systems™ analyzers include biotech, semiconductors, nanotechnology, petrochemical, polymers, and specialty chemical. We invite you to visit our booth, learn about our products, and discuss your applications needs.