Booth 520 - FiberTech Optica, Inc.

Fibertech Optica (FTO) is a leader in the manufacture of specialty fiber optic solutions providing outstanding technical support, quality and competitive pricing on both custom and standard products. Offering process control cables to 500 meters, fiber bundles, assemblies, spot to line converters, low FRD cables, reflectance probes, RAMAN probes, v-groove arrays, micro-lens assemblies and high power laser cables with multimode, singlemode and borosilicate fibers. Fiber options available for applications with wavelengths from the deep UV to the MIR, with NA's from 0.12 to 0.66. FTO also produces fiber coupled LED multi-emitter light sources and vacuum feedthroughs. From prototype through production quantities, FTO supports applications in industrial process control, biomedical, spectroscopy, astronomy, scientific instrumentation, laser delivery, research and academics.