Royal Society of Chemistry Joseph Black PRIZE

Joseph Black Prize is for the most meritorious contributions to any area of analytical chemistry made by an early career scientist.

2023 Recipient

Mathew Horrocks

Mathew was born and brought up in Yorkshire in the north of England, before studying Chemistry at Oriel College, University of Oxford. He did his Master's project with Professor Mark Wallace, where he was first introduced to single-molecule techniques. Following this, he moved to the University of Cambridge to work with Professor Sir David Klenerman, developing microscopy techniques to study the protein aggregates formed in neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Following a brief stint researching in New South Wales, Australia, Mathew returned to Cambridge in 2016 to take up a Junior Research Fellowship at Christ’s College, and a Herchel Smith Fellowship at the University of Cambridge. He moved to the University of Edinburgh to head the Edinburgh Single-Molecule Group in January 2018. His research group now develop and use single-molecule and super-resolution approaches to study a range of biological systems, with a focus on neuroscience and neurodegeneration.

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